Leasing Opportunities

Permanent Leasing

If you are interested in a permanent leasing opportunity at Lidcombe Centre, please contact Jeremy Prestoe on 0408 961 750 or email Jeremy.prestoe@ap.jll.com

Casual Mall Leasing

Casual Mall Leasing refers to the hiring of sites throughout the centre and can be beneficial for a number of reasons.
-Showcase or launch your products and services within a proven retail environment
-Promote your product or service outside your traditional trade areas
-Flexible and affordable
-Position your brand and products alongside Australia's best retail brands

Some examples are:
-Creating a pop-up-store in the Centre to attract customers’ attention and awareness of your brand
-Self-liquidation through setting up displays in the mall for sales or new products
-Promote and launch a new product for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, Easter
There are costs associated with Casual Mall Leasing. The Centre’s Casual Mall Leasing Executive will be happy to discuss options with you. Please contact Julia Arthur on 0491 222 407 or at julia.arthur@vicinity.com.au.